Friday, February 8, 2013

A chance of snow?

Right now the weather forecast in the area is calling for a few inches of snow in Philadelphia. Not quite enough to do a ton of snowshoeing. However, farther up towards the Poconos, they forecast is calling for the potential of a foot. I hope this is true and enough stays around for next Saturday. That is the date of the schedule PA Snowshoe Championship. Only way I will make it up to the event is if there is snow.

I do hope that the small amount we get in Philadelphia is enough to do at least one run on the Wissahickon with my snowshoes. Considering we have been told we'd get some snow and have only had a few inches total for the season, I feel some potential here.

Aside from dreams of white powder on the ground, I am on day two this week of being off. I might be on the verge of some overuse so I am scaling back to end this week. I do hope to do a nice run tomorrow (8 miles). Yet, I have managed to get in a 50K on Sunday. 12 people showed up for the 1st Philly Fat Ass run in the Wissahickon. Not everyone did 50K. Because I did not know the loop, (as many did not), we ran it mainly together. As a result, my 1st 10K was in 1:12. Mind you it was not the easiest course with some ice and snow on top of the climbs and descents. After that lap, the remaining 4 were in the 50-55 range. At the end of the day, I finished up in 4:44:15. (I do think the distance of each lap might have been more than a 10K.) I'm going to check that at a later date. While it is an unorganized organized run, it was good to get in such a fun 'event'. And for me, I'll call it one of the three 50K's I want to do...done.

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