Sunday, February 17, 2013

No snowshoe, no marathon....500 miles

So this weekend my intention was either to run a snowshoe 10K up in the Poconos or drive down to MD for a marathon. I did neither. I did not do the 10K because there was not enough snow on the ground to snowshoe. And with the marathon, I had some knee discomfort earlier this week that I did not feel it was wise to race 26.2 miles on pavement.

However, I did get in a pair of nice trail runs in. Even used my GPS watch. Yesterday, I drove out to Valley Forge and ran on some easy flat unpaved trails for a little over 11 miles. With my Sansa Clip providing the tunes, time and miles just flew by. Weather was just perfect too. This morning, I went over to the Wissahickon to do my own GPS of the 10K loop and found out it was accurate. And I ran faster than any of my splits during the 50K. Probably had to do with only one loop and the lack of snow on the ground hiding some things. I did a bunch more running there and ended up doing a little over 13 miles. I would have done more but I had to get the car back to the house.

Overall, those runs have allowed for a much more peaceful holiday weekend of running. Tomorrow, I might do a little trip for some more trail mileage. Aiming for 10.

Also, during today's bit of running....went over 500 miles for the year.

Right now, for next weekend, out of Cowtown. 7th on the wait list for a 50K in MD. And Tuesday, find out if in Broad Street. More things are shaping up.

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