Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey...its a 2013 post!!!!

It’s been a long time since my last entry. In that span, there have been some major holidays, my birthday (itself a major holiday) and the completed adoption of a black kitty cat we have named Pawnee. (Points if you know this reference.)

The one constant has been running. Compared to last year, a lot of running. Thus far in 2013, I have taken exactly one day off and have exceeded 310 miles. To put that in some perspective, I didn’t go over 300 until March in 2012. The reason for such mileage is that I am aiming to hit the ground running in ultras this year. Optimally, the plan is for 3 – 50Ks and 1 – 50M. So as a result, I’ve been putting in some long runs on my weekends.

Right now, it is looking like my 1st ultra of 2013 will be of the Fat Ass variety right in my backyard. (That would be the Wissahickon Valley) This is a shift from a 50K down in MD that it appears I will not get in because I am too far down on the wait list as I did not get in via lottery. (If this changes, that might be my 1st of the year.) Both of those are in Feb. My second 50K is slated in April. The last will come in the fall. My 50M is slated for up near Toronto in May during vacation.

Aside from those, I am hoping there will be enough snow on the ground in the Poconos to get in a 10K snowshoe race. I want it so bad! Come March, I will have a wonderful variety of distances. While in Vegas, why not run a HM near Hoover Dam. So I am.

It’s a lot to start the year but I want to remember this year for achievements so I am putting myself in the position to make them happen.

Maybe I'll throw in a marathon too. Maybe....

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