Monday, October 1, 2012


Less than a week out now! Yesterday marked the one week mark until Steamtown. Found out one of my former teammates and training partners, Matt Byrne will be racing. He is from the Scranton area and it is basically his home marathon. It will be great to see him again since he moved out of Philly even if it is race.

I’m in the midst of low mileage now. Granted I did run a peaceful 11.5 yesterday morning. (And I did do a modest 5K effort on Saturday.) Between today and the start, I’m looking at maybe 12 more miles. I’m getting twitchy and nervous. I did catch my first weather glimpse today but really won’t think about the weather much until Thursday when it is more likely to be reflective of the temps I will be encountering.

Almost forgot to mention (thus, my edit), that I have begun reading Scott Jurek's Eat & Run. While a pleasant read, it is not as meaty a book as I hoped for. It goes by just too quick. I started it yesterday at 3pm. I'm only 50 pages from the end. It really should have been double the length. At least that is my opinion as a serious runner reading it. I thought I would be reading this on Saturday in my hotel. Guess not. Either I won't be reading anything or my copy of Duel in the Sun will arrive by then. (I'm doing some reading now that is not about the US Senate, The Park Service, The Forest Service, Forest Fires, the New Deal or the Hoover Dam.)

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