Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some distance removed

As the events around the date of Steamtown have gotten smaller and smaller in my rear-view, I've continued to move ahead. I once again am running. I resumed doing so with a mere 3 miles on the 9th. Since then, I have pretty much gotten myself back up to speed in distance terms at least. I've done some minor pushing of the pace but not a ton. My first test of speed is going to be in a 5K this weekend. With how things are lining up, I will be able to attend one of my favorite courses in the past couple of years down in Delaware.

Now you may be asking, isn't the marathon in Atlantic City this weekend? It is but I opted to play it wise and not compete in it. The race just did not match enough of what I needed my marathon to be. And if I had gone down and run a miserable race, I think it would have a negative impact.

Instead, my major race coming up is a 30K trail race out near Blue Knob State Park. It is roughly a 4 hour drive from Philadelphia. I feel strongly I will be able to have fun at it even if my ultimate goal is to be competitive and hopefully compete for the win.

But one step at a time. And first up is the weekend 5K on the road.

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