Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taper Pains

With just a little over a week out from Steamtown, I am in the midst of my taper. It is nice but frustrating at the same time. I like the physical rest from the reduction in miles but when one is operating on all cylinders it feels like deploying the parachute in a drag racer way too early. This morning it felt odd that I woke up knowing I would not run at all today. Only the fourth day off since my ultra in July.

My latest dilemma is whether to add one more 5K speed/tempo session this Saturday. My choices are either one of my favorite courses out in Blue Bell, PA for a cause that is good but a bit more religious in its mission statement than I like or a course up the street I can walk to. While the latter is appealing for its proximity, you have to remember that I run around here all the time so it might not be as inspired. Especially since I raced the course back in the spring.

Those are not the only options really but the most reasonable from the sense I won't get into a showdown that will negatively impact me on the 7th. Even if I could try to race not one but two races for $100 bucks. One of those is nice and early but I have a lot of complacency on that course because I run and bike the route at least 5 days a week. (It is on my bike route to and from work.)

In the end, I might not do any but still....

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