Tuesday, September 18, 2012

With the fury of the trail and ultra (all of one 50 miler) seasons behind me, it seems I continue to neglect this blog just a smidge.

Since my last post, I have been much more active racing, alleviating some of the worry I had relative to my conditioning. I’m feeling much better about where I am at physically and as such, mentally.

To follow-up on the possible 10 miler in my previous post, I did wind up traveling to York for its premier 10 Miler. In an effort to avoid, a long drive in the morning, I opted to drive out the night before and stay the night. It was the first time since 2001 that I spent the night in York. (In 2008, Peg and I got stuck in York when our car brokedown. But then we were not in downtown York.) Great weather really made it a nice outing and even better race. Despite some bus shenanigans (it is a point to point) and a delayed race start (which did help me), the race went super smooth. I was out front solo from the get go cranking out rather steady miles on the converted rail line. Even managed to drop my 2nd fastest split in the last mile! In the process, I set a new PR in 55:31. Considering, it was only my second 10 mile race and on a cinder-like trail surface, I might be able to whack off some more time on a road course. At the end of the day, I had a huge boost in my confidence.

In the weeks since the race, I have done two more 5K’s, each with increasingly faster times. (They were not any races that were too special in terms of prestige. Yet, I will note that the HCA 5K win was the 1st time I have won the same race 4 times in a row. Which I believe, may match the number of times I have won Milltown’s July 4th 5K.) And I have been feeling real solid in my workouts. (So confident that on the 8th, I ran 20 miles home from a BBQ/Bowling outing at 10pm. It worked out nice because I slept in on Sunday knowing my 20 miler was done.) Now the tough part is going to begin. The taper. I am ready for it but feel so guilty not running my normal mileage. However, with Steamtown, just a little less than three weeks away, no need to be stupid. I am ready for that race. (Especially, now that I finally booked my room. I waited a bit late but got a nice place not too far for race morning that did not require two nights.)

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