Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trailing on the trail...

Today was race 3 in the Trail Creek Outfitters Trail Series. It was a '10K' on a DuPont Estate in Delaware. Really nice piece of land with some great trails.

Being that this was a race, I was not able to enjoy the scenery too much. Especially, when at the start, I had someone nipping at my feet. There was a mix of technical, hills and grass straights to give something for everyone. And for a bonus, a tunnel with a stream to run through. For the most part of the 1st 7-8K, I was doing the lions share of the work because I was excellent on the technical sections. But I was running the engine super-hard with it being so neck and neck. Unfortunately, I ran out of technical sections to work and wound up with some hills at the worst time. I cracked. Cracked hard. Over the last stretch of race, I lost over a minute. And in the end, I lost the race, finishing up in second place to a former University of Delaware runner. (He'd still be one if they kept their program.)

Definitely stinks but I can't win all the trail races I run. Just wished it was another day.

On the plus side of the defeat, I had a wonderful time talking with some fellow trail runners following the race for something like an hour.

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