Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Just a tad over a week out and starting to get nervous. Wrote out my shopping list of supplies for nutrition for next Saturday. Also found out there will be a serious contender in the 50. Might re-think my pace strategy. Originally, I wanted out and back in 1:45 splits. But I might just sit with the other guy for a while. The company might be good and I could do less work. Just reminds me I have to run smart. Smart.

And this contender has a marathon time that is close enough to make me worry about him. Plus, he has more trail experience along with more ultra experience. Have to keep that in mind.

At least tomorrow is an off day. Plan is tomorrow off. 11 on Friday. Off on Saturday. Runs on Sunday and Monday. Rest on Tuesday. Run on Wednesday. 2 miles or complete rest on Thursday with rest on Friday.

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