Wednesday, March 12, 2014

And update of sorts

Here we are nearly two months since my last posting. Not very good of me, huh? It is not that I do not think about posting. I do. I just don't. FAIL.

But alas, here I am, once more doing an entry. While you would think two months would yield a boat load, in this case you are wrong. The 2013-2014 Winter in Philadelphia (and much of the Mid-Atlantic) has been brutal. Training has been more of survival with much of my running being commutes to and from work. Not exactly ideal but if I had to run and couldn't bike due to the endless snow and ice storms impacting my bike commute route. In this two month span, I have only done two races. One more was slated but got cancelled due to...wait for it....winter weather. That race was the George Washington Birthday Marathon. I was ready for that so on the day of the cancellation I guessed it a marathon. Obviously not hard but I wanted the distance. And it gave me a good gauge of my fitness level. As a result, I signed up for another marathon, Two Rivers taking place this weekend. One of the races I did do was the weekend before GWBM, it was a 5K called Cupids Cranium. Very happy with my time result was 16:10. Smoking for the 1st time out.

My lead-in to this weekend's race was last weekend's Seneca Greenway Trail was that course a mix of everything...including getting lost on some rerouted trail. Yep. Amazingly, I still managed to pull out a victory in the 50K (more like 34 mile) race. In fact, I was the 3rd person to cross the finish line behind two marathon finishers by less than 9 minutes. Time was slow but that was partially due to the getting lost more than the sloppy trail conditions. Those did help however with the slower time.

I'll probably add another 50K to this spring....I'll finalize some my schedule soon....there are a few things to move around and possibly a tentative or two but before the weekend is out, the majority of races through June will be known.

That ends this rambling post now......I'll try to make the next entry more substantive.

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