Friday, March 23, 2012

Still not about that snowshoe race...

I know, I will get to the Horse Hill 7K recap. Just not tonight.

This post is going to focus on last week's St. Patty's Scramble.

Around this time, last week I was nervous. I thought a good night sleep on Saturday would have been a great thing for me. However, I did not get it. Instead, I felt really jittery and as if I was coming down with something. Mind you 15K sick is not a good mental image when already feeling nervous. Considering I had to be at the race two hours early to help out beforehand, I had some thinking to do since I knew I was going to be involved with course sweeping. I made a decision to drop to the 6K.

As bad as it was to cut out such a distance, it was wise. Not for the sick feeling but turns out I was the only one sweeping the whole 15K course. So I had to run the 15k anyway, just with a bag on my back picking up all the signage. Really not my ideal Sunday. It made me a bit bitter even if I raced for free because I felt the time I had to dedicate was pretty steep compared to the other volunteers. But that said, lesson learned if I do that again.

With respect to the race itself, I feel I could have won the 15K as I was 50 yards up on second where the 6K and 15K routes split. I ended up winning the 6K by a fair margin of 2 1/2 minutes. Just missed going under 20 minutes but when the last quarter mile is a HUGE uphill, it is tough. The one really positive I take away from it all is that I had speed and held it well. Considering I won't have a 'normal' road race until April, it is nice to know I have the turnover on the trails.

By the way, I rocked the INOV-8 X-Talon 190's. Odd at first but a really great trail shoe.

One last note, of a sad nature, I learned there will be no XTERRA Philly series this year. The guy who put it on is taking the year off from doing so. I feel it is going to be no more. Bummer.

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