Monday, May 20, 2013

Final preparations: Sulphr Springs 50

Fully in the midst of my taper for this upcoming Saturday's 50 Miler in Ancaster, ON at the 21st  Sulphr Springs Trail Run. For this race, I am using a 10 day taper. This past weekend was my final efforts of any substantial running. Saturday started off with a Traildawgs event at White Clay Creek Preserve....TriHUMPf Runs. It was a semi-formal trail race with sign out to confirm your time. Not sign result. There were 3 distances available: 4.5, 8, and 13.1 (HM). With a marginal entry fee of just providing food and drink, I signed up for the half marathon. Part of this events allure was the chance to do a race in 3 states! DE, MD and PA. The smallest part would be MD and that is only if you ran around the tri-state marker on the course. Yes, I totally did! Due to missing a turn, I ran an extra half mile. In the end, I did a 1:25:33 on a course with roughly 1600ft of elevation gain. A solid time that makes me feel good about my fitness.

However, that does not make me any less nervous about Saturday since it is my 2nd 50 miler. On the bright side, the high is scheduled to be around 62 compared to the 101 when I had my last effort at this distance. Running smart will be important as I expect a competitive field. I've been putting my attention to having a smart nutrition/fueling strategy.

My hardest efforts in the next week will be a pair of 4 mile runs with minimal exertion and reeling myself in from running too much. Or even doing too much for that matter. As this event is in the middle of a vacation to Toronto, I need to be extra cautious on overdoing it. Since I will be without the internet while in Canada, expect a report late next week.

 Until then......

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