Thursday, April 4, 2013

Coming together....Spring is setting up.

For much of the first few months of the year, my spring (and really fall) race schedules were not fully fleshed out with few exceptions. In the past couple of weeks this has changed. A 50K, HM, 5K and Marathon all have been added to the existing 10M. Not to mention since my last entry, I have put in two fairly decent 5K performances. (a 2nd and 1st, each with faster times)

Up first is the Traprock 50K in CT on the 13th. I signed up for this at the last possible minute after determining I was ready and that the knee issues of early March were not an issue. My mileage and long runs the past two weeks have been right on point. I've managed to mix some speed in there as to benefit me for the Broad Street 10M the first Sunday of May.

That's all for now. Just keeping this short. Likely will be back around after the 13th and what should be a good Traprock. It definitely will put me on focus for having two 50K in the first half of the year.

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