Monday, March 4, 2013

Past 650.....but a speed bump.

I went over 650 miles on Sunday out in the Pine Barrens on a marathon distance training run. This run was done a day after I did a HM on the trails out in Valley Forge. Both were satisfying workouts.


Today, I wanted to do a simply 4 mile run before work and I had some discomfort in my right knee. I figured it would shake out during the run but about a mile in.....I bailed. Too much discomfort.

Stinks to cut out of a run and need to take a few days off but I reckon my body said enough or it will seriously injure me.

On the bright side, this happened to me this week since on the 16th I have a HM out in Nevada. That is enough to force me to actually take the days I need off. Otherwise, I admit, I might push harder. It does hurt in the sense that it reduces the amount of speed work I can get in. This is vital given that I've been fast over super long distances but that speed is not the pace I can use for my shorter races. The pace has to kick up a notch. Especially since I have a 5K on the 23rd that I would like to really do well at.

(Depending on how I feel at the end of the week, I might race a 5K on the weekend for some of that much needed speedwork.)

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  1. Ah, you know what to do Mike. Listen to your body and take as many days off (or easy) as you need. Cross-Train on the bike if it doesn't aggravate the area. Otherwise, kick up those feet and allow the 650 to sink in. Good luck