Monday, July 23, 2012

The road to victory is paved with trails...

For the most part, trail season is over. I completed the last race in the Trail Creek Outfitters series this past Saturday on a beautiful estate course in Chester County. This one included horse jumps and water crossings. While not technical the weather was lovely and I had enough of a lead on the competition, I was able to enjoy the race much more than the rest.

In the end, I won 3 of the 4 races with a 2nd in the other. I have to say I am a much better trail runner now than at the beginning of the year and really this time last year when I started to do more trail races.

With the series conclusion, I must now turn my attention to racing on the roads and speed in the next two months leading up to Steamtown. There is a chance I might add a trail race this weekend and a cinder trail 10 mile at the end of August. Aside from those, I will work hard to get my speed working to help me be ready in an effort to achieve my goal of a new PR in Steamtown,

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