Saturday, April 21, 2012

Race Pet Peeve and Training Thoughts

Before I touch on my training in this post, allow me to mention a race pet peeve. The people at the start of the race who just all out sprint and just kind of stop. It is disrespectful. I understand it is all in good fun in the spirit of the event. However, for the people who are serious and racing, they create a potential for a collision or allow a runner to get out of their mental focus on their goal. Just my brief thought on the subject.

Training itself in regards to mileage has been fairly consistent this month. Averaging about 55 miles a week. Now that is not normally a large number of miles but considering the issues this year, I like I am experiencing the consistency. And with having done some racing now, I like the hold up. For the rest of this month, I do feel I will be a bit more cautious with the miles as I have to start focusing on ultra training. So I will add an off day or two in the next month. With the focus on the ultra in two months, hopefully, I can add more trail based mileage.

(Brief note: The blog interface has changed in making posts. Surprising to me. Chalk that up to me being new at this and having just found my rhythm.)

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